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Coffee Awards

Best coffee machine of the year: DELONGHI PrimaDonna S Evo ECAM 510.55.M

Best receipe of the year: “Sunny Mexico coffee”

Best budget coffee beans: by Manchesters

Best quality-high beans: Revoua Ghenom


My favourite recepies

My cappuccino recipe

Pour milk into a special stainless steel pitcher (pitcher). Using the nozzle (steam tap, cappuccino maker) of the coffee machine, make milk froth (it is formed by heating the milk and saturating it with air bubbles; at the same time, make sure that the milk does not overheat and does not acquire a boiled taste). The foam should be smooth, smooth, but still liquid. Make an espresso, pour the coffee into 2 cups. Add frothed milk. (If the foam has settled, restore it again using the steam nozzle).

An ideal cappuccino contains one third of coffee, milk and milk froth. Sprinkle the drink with cocoa or grated chocolate.

Romanian coffee

Mix coffee, icing sugar and cocoa and pour into cezve, pour water and put on fire, but do not bring to a boil. Remove from heat and add a pinch of vanilla. Let stand a little and pour into cups.

Belorussian coffee

Rinse the dishes (coffee pot) in which coffee will be brewed with hot water, pour coffee with sugar into it and pour boiling water over it. Cover with a lid, let stand for a few minutes and put on low heat. As soon as the coffee begins to rise, immediately remove from the heat. There is no need to interfere with coffee. After 5-10 minutes, pour it into a heated ceramic cup, add the specified amount of tincture and put the candy.