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Coffee Awards

Best coffee machine of the year: DELONGHI PrimaDonna S Evo ECAM 510.55.M

Best receipe of the year: “Sunny Mexico coffee”

Best budget coffee beans: by Manchesters

Best quality-high beans: Revoua Ghenom

Best Austin coffee

Hot L Coffee

Hot L Coffee: Austin, Texas – bean there

The Carpenter’s Café is run by former Sister Coffee employee Amanda Farris, which means the same thoughtful approach to the caffeinated drink as well as the Gré Nonas’ snacks (kolachi, tacos, sandwiches) in a very stylish and comfortable environment.

Fleet Coffee Co.

Fleet Coffee

Shake life up with an espresso at Fleet, where, in addition to coffee, espresso and lattes, the tiny coffee shop specializes in specialty caffeinated beverages. The Ritual is a churro-flavored cortado served with cookies. Better yet, there are Veracruz All Natural tacos and pastries from the Sour Duck Market.

Wright Bros. Brew & Brew

Wright Bros. Brew & Brew | CYTIES

Wright Bros. there is a simple, elegant menu of Aeropress, drip and espresso, including beans from the local Flat Track roaster. The bright, warm space and welcoming baristas will seduce even those who don’t care about the latest and greatest trends in the world of coffee. The promise of Rosen’s fresh bagels and pastries from Better Half’s cafe of the same name won’t hurt either.