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Coffee Awards

Best coffee machine of the year: DELONGHI PrimaDonna S Evo ECAM 510.55.M

Best receipe of the year: “Sunny Mexico coffee”

Best budget coffee beans: by Manchesters

Best quality-high beans: Revoua Ghenom

Coffee capsules

Biobased Coffee Capsules Are the Answer to Nespresso's "What Else?" | Finch  & Beak Consulting


Make sure your water tank has enough water. Use bottled water such as Holy Spring or Pilgrim. You will need a lot of water to fill and flush the system.

Turn on the machine and let it warm up to the desired temperature. Without placing the capsule in the machine, simply turn on any of the brew buttons. Water will flow through the system. Let the water spill for 5 seconds. Press the button again to stop dispensing water. This helps to warm up the machine and boil more flavor out of the capsule, as the temperature will be more stable.

Shake the capsule slightly before use. This helps the water to flow through the coffee tablet more evenly, which ensures an even extraction, therefore, improves flavor and stability during preparation.

Coffee oils build up quickly and can affect the flavor of your cup. After you have finished making coffee, run a small amount of water through your capsule machine with no capsule inserted to avoid deposits.