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Coffee Awards

Best coffee machine of the year: DELONGHI PrimaDonna S Evo ECAM 510.55.M

Best receipe of the year: “Sunny Mexico coffee”

Best budget coffee beans: by Manchesters

Best quality-high beans: Revoua Ghenom

How to brew

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee At Home | Eat This Not That

What you need to brew coffee in a pot:

It doesn’t take long to make the perfect coffee; in fact, it only takes three things:

Filtered water: the less impurities in the water, the less competition for the true taste of coffee.
Correct Proportions: Regardless of the type of machine, vicorize two tablespoons of thickened with eight ounces of water, then adjust to your liking.
Correct grind: it differs depending on the machine, but generally the more time the coffee grounds are in contact with water, the shorter the grind – and vice versa. Find out more about how to grind your coffee beans according to the type of coffee you are making.

Basic steps for perfect coffee:

Here are the basic steps for preparing coffee – provided that you are not preparing it with an automatic coffee machine (in which case you must follow the manufacturer’s recommendations):

Place the filter in the coffee maker basket. Grind the coffee beans to a medium to medium-fine grind. Bring filtered water to a boil and let it rest for a minute.
Pour enough water into the filter to completely wet it and let it drain into a cup or coffee pot. Drain the water.
Measure the ground coffee into a wet filter. Pour in enough water to moisten the ground beans and drain them into a cup or coffee pot, then pour in the rest of the water.

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